The no mess fun science show for kids in the greater Brisbane area

Science Show for Vacation Care and Outside School Hours Care (OSHC)

Thank you so much for beguiling the children at our oshc service with your wonderful science show! So few times can an entertainer truly inspire a child beyond the moment and influence their continual learning process. Newmarket OSHC

The one hour unique Science Show is a professionally designed, entertaining show and a perfect way to engage vacation care and oshc children with awesome and mysterious magic tricks while they learn the science behind the magic. The Science show is both educational and entertaining.

Almost everything in this show can be replicated with simple household items. The children will be able to show these amazing magic tricks to their friends and family and then explain the science behind the magic placing the child in the position of teacher which is wonderful for building confidence.

The Science Magic Show is very interactive allowing the children to experience the scientific principals with ‘hands on’ real life demonstrations that will inspire all the children to investigate and use the scientific methods explained throughout the show.

St Peters OSHC Springfield sums up my science magic show very well, they said…

“We have had Magic Glen do a Magic Show for us previously and our children absolutely LOVED his quirkiness! As a Service Leader I was pleasantly surprised at Glen’s ability to actively engage our children’s attention and leave them wanting more. I also wanted to incorporate Science into our curriculum and had trouble finding somebody that was affordable. Glen e-mailed me information about his new Science Magic show and the best was that he used resources from around the house to complete his science experiments. This was very important for me because it encourages my children to extend what they have learned. The day of the Science Magic Show was everything I expected and more from an entertaining professional. Glen does not disappoint and delivers a quality interactive show that even adults can relate to. Our sincere thanks to Glen for contributing to our children’s precious learning and having lots of fun!”

My name is Glen Rhodes and I am a professional, experienced, qualified trainer and educator (Cert IV (cat 2)) as well as an experienced entertainer and magician who knows how to engage, educate and entertain children. I hold a current ‘Blue card’ for child related employment as well as $20M public liability insurance and have a risk assessment for the show.

I have purposely decided that I did not want to encourage the mixing of chemicals, use of fire, gases or explosives like some other science incursions. This is a mess free, chemical free, explosion free, 100% safe and responsible OSHC or vacation care incursion for the children.

I service

– Brisbane City – Moreton Bay Region
– City of Ipswich – Toowoomba
– Logan City – Gold Coast
– Redland City – Sunshine Coast

The one hour science magic show cost is $375 and there is no limit on the number of children. A shorter 45 minute show is available for $350 but this does not include the ever popular ‘child in bubble’ routine.

School Holiday periods are very popular and I can only accommodate two Vacation or OSHC centres per day, so please book early to secure your preferred time and date for the unique Science Magic Show.

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