The no mess fun science show for kids in the greater Brisbane area
Scientific principles explained using fun kids magic tricks
Teaching Brisbane kids science with a comedy show
The no mess fun science show for kids in the greater Brisbane area
A magic science show that kids love, educational and fun

The Science Magic Show -That Kids Love!

Are you looking for a Fun, Educational, Entertaining, Interactive Science Show for Children in the greater Brisbane area?

Suitable For: vacation care, outside school hours care (OSHC), birthday parties, schools, libraries, community events, corporate events, fetes, festivals and shopping centres.

Using Magic to Teach Science in an Entertaining and Interactive Way.

This science magic show was borne of my interest in Magic and my fascination with quirky science phenomena which I now want to share with children to inspire them to investigate more closely, the world around them.

Milton State SchoolNational Science Week.

“Thank you! I have heard nothing but positive feedback about your show from the students and teachers. In fact, on assembly on Friday the principal asked for volunteers to explain their favourite part on the day and you were mentioned a lot! The activities were appropriate for the year levels attending and as a performer you were wonderful to watch- very engaging. We would definitely like to have you back next year. “

Yes Kids Learn…While They Are Having Fun…it’s the best way!

This is a rare and unique ‘Science Magic Show’ that uses magic tricks and stunts to teach Science to children. The children will see and learn how to do many awesome and totally mystifying magic tricks, stunts and illusions. All of the ‘tricks’ are extremely entertaining with lots of comedy and many tricks are highly interactive, with no skill required to replicate them. Once the children have been baffled by the ‘magic trick’, the science behind the trick is revealed and explained to the oohs and aahs of the children as they begin to understand the method

Newmarket Outside School Hours Care said:

“So few times can an entertainer truly inspire a child beyond the moment and influence their continual learning process.”

Most of the science tricks, stunts and illusions require virtually no props, just a piece of paper, a straw, a plastic bottle, not much more than that. I wanted to have a show where the children become the educators. The children can use what they have learnt then go and demonstrate and explain the ‘tricks’ to their parents, family and friends and then explain the scientific principal that make the magic work. Some of the facts they will remember for a lifetime.

Broadly, this show is aimed at 6-12 year olds although there is plenty to keep older children and even adults interested and entertained.

This show is suitable for incursions for outside school hours care (OSHC) , school holiday vacation care programs as well as primary schools, secondary schools, church groups, library events, community events, birthday parties, shopping centres and of course the National Science Week events in August

St Peters OSHC Springfield said

“The Science Magic Show was everything I expected and more from an entertaining professional. Glen does not disappoint and delivers a quality interactive show that even adults can relate to. Our sincere thanks to Glen for contributing to our children’s precious learning and having lots of fun!”

I set myself some important criteria for this science magic show

NO DANGER: I wanted a totally safe show.

NO CHEMICALS, of any kind. I do not want to encourage children to start mixing reactive chemicals

NO MESS, the kids do not get messy, the room does not get messy and neither do I

NO EXPLOSIONS: I see some science shows ignite gas to create explosions.

NO FIRE: I do not want to encourage the use of fire, matches or flames.

NO HEAT: I did not want to encourage children to risk using hot items

Must Be :

  • Entertaining – The chosen demonstrations are designed to ‘entertain’
  • Educational – Scientific principles are clearly explained
  • Interesting – The kids will be thinking…”whoa…that’s cool”
  • Interactive – I encourage verbal and physical participation
  • Easy to Replicate – Uses everyday, cheap household items
  • Clean – No mess for the venue, the kids or me
  • Safe – Everything explained is 100% safe to replicate
  • Mystifying – The scientific method behind the magic is not obvious
  • Magical – Many items can be used as ‘stand alone’ magic tricks
  • Comical – I use funny comedy throughout the show
  • Simple in Method – The routines require little, if any, practice

I am happy to say that the Science Magic show meets and exceeds all the criteria.

The 1 hour science magic show cost is $400. A budget 45 minute option excluding the ‘child on a bubble routine’ is available for $350 Feel free to contact me for a no obligation chat.

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